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Hey Guys! This is just a placeholder for the real website which is on its way!

If you wish to add a little magic to your music videos or require any video or animation work, you are encouraged to write to Mark at:

Mark Varney is an internationally acclaimed producer of virtuoso rock and fusion guitarists. He is most noted for his recordings with the likes of Frank Gambale, Garsed & Helmerich, Carl Verheyen, and Scott Mishoe, and for the groundbreaking MVP series which depicted  Gambale, Holdsworth, Garsed and Lane in landmark guitar duals. Mark's Guitar on the Edge series promoted the work of well known and unsung guitar heroes and was marketed in hundreds of guitar shops  At one time, he was also a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques Magazine. In recent years Mark has turned his efforts towards video and animation production and now produces cutting edge music videos.


Truth In Shredding Interview:


Daniele Gottardo Guitar Competition Results:

The Fairy God Shredder, Our critically acclaimed, animated guitar fairy tale:

The Fairy God Shredder Trailer I: